Regional Geology

The Solitude Lake Property lies within the Wabigoon Subprovince, an Archean terrane consisting of greenschist-grade volcanic-sedimentary sequences and voluminous granitoidal batholiths.

The Solitude Lake Property is situated in the northernmost portion of the Sturgeon Lake Greenstone Belt (SLGB). The SLGB consists of mid- to late-Archean volcanic sequences and minor sedimentary sequences, originating in oceanic terranes and continental margins and is shaped like an elongated “S” surrounded on all sides by late Archean granitoids, the largest of which is the Lewis Lake Batholith which fills the southern lobe of the “S”. The bulk of the SLGB, around Sturgeon Lake itself, consists of the South Sturgeon, Handy Lake, Fourbay Lake, Quest Lake and Central Sturgeon mafic to felsic volcanic assemblages of oceanic island arc origin.

The northern portion of the SLGB, around Savant Lake, consists of a basin roughly bounded by the Kashaweogama and Savant Lake Faults. Jutten Group tholeiitic mafic-intermediate volcanics comprise the majority of the northern portion of the Belt. The core of the basin is filled with coarse clastic and chemical sediments of the West Shore Group.

Solitude Lake Property Regional Geology, showing detail of the Wabigoon Subprovince

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